Sports teaches the value of discipline, focus, and challenges you get to face in life. Wanting to improve and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is not something you can do overnight. Being competitive and learning the art of challenging yourself can be some work, but once you understand how to manage everything, it becomes easier. 

This article mentions how challenging yourself and competing can make you a better player. 

Gain competitive edge

In today’s world, being the best of the best is certainly not easy due to increases in talent everywhere. This is why everyone wants to gain a competitive edge. When you have experienced competing in various realms, you gain a sort of confidence that otherwise would not have come on its own. You understand the importance of playing to win even if you do not. But it is still the goal. 

Change of attitude 

Competitions help you understand how your attitude affects your game. For example, if you win, bragging about it in front of the opponent is not how one should handle praise. Competing in a game will oftentimes humble your approach to it. Making you change your attitude for the better and help in your professionalism. 


Competing significantly affects your levels of motivation for your sport. If you are regularly indulging in practice and competitions, you have a goal to accomplish. Otherwise, you could easily backtrack and lose motivation as you would feel no need to rely on your efforts of playing. 


As discussed, competitions can be a healthy source of renewing your skills and changing yourself for the better. Taking criticism and improving from there is something you learn from competing. Even though you might not always win, it is still the practice that counts. You also get to manage your sport with more convenience and become better.