Hampshire Hills B&B Association


Tavern on the Green


White Wine 

                                    Bottle      Glass

 Foffani Pinot Grigio, Italy                                                                     21.00        6.00
Characterised by a complex bouquet of fresh fragrances of mature apple and this Pinot Grigio has a bolder and fruitier flavor than the typical watery, thin wines that currently pass for Pinot.  This wine is produced in an European Union low environmental impact program.


Terra Andina Sauvignon Blanc, Chile                                                  18.00        5.00

This wine has intense ripe aromas of grapefruit, lime, nectarines, tangerine and peach with a fresh finish.  Well balanced with good structure, soft tannins and a pleasant finish.


Abundance Vineyards Bountiful Blanc, USA, California                     23.00        7.00

This blend of Sauvignon Blanc & Symphony grapes starts with a floral nose, followed by bright fruit flavors.  With a sweet finish this is a much more complex and food friendly wine than White Zinfandel.


Rancho Sisquoc Chardonnay, USA, California                                    30.00        8.00

On the palate it is opulent but not heavy.  Flavors of butter, hazelnuts, nuances of butterscotch and citrus fruit abound in a complex but easy drinking format.  Beautiful Buttery and rich with luscious mouth feel and flavors.



Red Wine


Saurus Pinot Noir, Argentina                                                               21.00        6.00

A medium bodied and round Pinot Noir with aromas of flowers, raspberry, gooseberry and strawberry.  It is rounded and fruity with sweet tannins, moderate acidity and notes of vanilla from oak aging.


Bousquet Merlot, Argentina                                                                 21.00        6.00

This organic Merlot is lightly oaked and presents plum and red berry fruit flavors and a long and persistent lightly sweet finish.


Bousquet Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina                                           21.00        6.00

This organic Cabernet is ripe and sweet, with fig, plum, mocha and raspberry notes running along rounded tannins with notes of vanilla and oak and a long and very fine finish.  Very easy to like.


Friday Monkey Shiraz, Australia                                                         18.00        5.00

A well balanced shiraz with berry fruit and pepper spice aromas.  A full fruit driven palate with oak and vanilla flavors on a sweet warm finish.