Hampshire Hills B&B Association

Final matches for the 2007 Club Championship were contested on August 26.  On a slightly overcast, muggy day, with the threat of thunderstorms lurking, six divisions of men, women, and seniors, played out this years Club Championship.  After two weeks of elimination matches, these were the players who survived long enough to make it to the finals.


And the winners are!!

Men's Championship

James Ryan defeats TP Tunstall


Women's Championship

Allison Lucey defeats Ann Pickerell


Men's Senior Championship

Chuck O'Hagerty defeats Pete Packard


Men's 1st Division

Steve Estelle defeats Rich Racz


Men's Second Division

Dennis Duquette defeats Paul Sena


Women's 1st Division

Georgie Dana defeats Jane Wensley

22 Holes

Men's Senior 1st Division

Still to be played


Some faces in the crowd


Chris Ryan comes to watch his brother win                This is the way to Caddie for Dad


All smiles from the Gallery on 14 Green                    Ladies Champion accepts Congratulations


The Superintendent looks happy!                                            As do Doug and Ann


We'll put up some more picture's in the next few days.

If anyone has some they'd like to share let us know!